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Cubs Autumn Programme 2020

14th Andover (Stockbridge) Cubs Programme AUTUMN 2020

25th November

Hello Cubs

we hope you are all keeping well.  It's another wet Wednesday.  It's looking very hopeful that the second lockdown will finish on the 2nd December, but we will have to wait and see what the big Scout bosses in London say to see if we will be allowed to meet all together again maybe one or two more times before we finish for Christmas.

We have quite a lot of you waiting to be invested as cubs so we thought that this week we would focus on the cub scout promise and laws.

We have attached the Cub Promise in Makaton and British Sign Language.  Perhaps you might like to learn it using these signs, it would be fun to see if we can all remember how to say our promise like this.

icon Cub Promise in Makaton icon BSL_Cub_Promise

For those of you that have been invested (made your promise)  you know that to be a cub scout you have to do at least one good turn every day.  Before you make your promise we ask you to keep a diary of what you have done as a good turn.

We thought it would be a good idea for EVERYONE, even if you have taken your promise, to do a week of good turns to help people and be kind.  We would love to hear some of the things you get up too..  Perhaps you could take some photos.

Finally perhaps you could look at the promises that cubs make around the world.  You will see they are generally quite similar to ours and perhaps investigate some games that are played in cub packs in different countries.  Maybe we could play some when we get back

Have a good week cubs.  Put on your coats and wellies and get outside splashing in the puddles over the weekend

Yours in Scouting

The Cub Leaders

Akela, Ikki, Hawkeye, Nag, Bagheera, Emily, Mr Harrison, Fox , Mr Weghoffer.

18th November

Dear Cubs

As many of you know last weekend we should have been on the Isle of Wight for our Autumn Cub Camp, we are speaking with the campsite to see if we can move this to the same time next year and we will update you as soon as we know.

Lots of things to think about this week.

Autumn Leaves. The leaves have been beautiful this year.  If you would like a nice craft activity to do over the weekend maybe you could try making  a leaf bowl.    It will require a bit of patience though, as it takes a few days to complete.

What you will need:

A selection of colourful autumn leaves

Some heavy books for pressing the leaves in

A balloon (we used a biodegradable balloon)

30 ml PVA glue

An old paint brush

Tinfoil (or cling film)





What you need to do:

1.    Go for a walk and collect a range of autumn leaves, maple or sycamore leaves work well for this.

2.    Remove the lumpy stalk from the leaves, then flatten them between sheets of paper and under some heavy books for a day or so

3.    Blow up your balloon so it’s the same size as the bowl you’re using.

4.    Pour half of your glue into a container from your recycling bin (something you don’t want to get ruined) and mix it with a very small amount of water (around one tablespoon).

5.    Place the balloon in the bowl, so it fits securely, then use your brush to paint on a layer of the watered-down glue onto the part of the balloon that’s sticking out of the bowl.

6.    Gently, press a layer of flattened leaves over the glue, making sure they overlap a little at the edges. Don’t overlap the leaves too much, though, or they won’t get enough glue on them and will peel off.

7.    Cover the leaves with another layer of the watered-down glue. Then cover them with a layer of tinfoil (or clingfilm), to help keep the leaves in place. You could also turn your balloon over in the bowl if it fits, to help the leaves set in place.

8.    Now you need to be patient and leave your bowl to dry overnight, if you have a boiler room or airing cupboard, you could place it there, to help it dry quicker.

9.    Once the first layer is dry (it may need more than one night), add another layer of watered-down glue and leaves (using your remaining glue). Just like before, you need to wrap the leaf bowl up again to dry, otherwise the leaves are likely to fall off.

10.  When your second layer of leaves is completely dry, it’s time to remove the outer tinfoil or clingfilm. You then need to pop your balloon, which you can do by pricking it with a pin or needle. Don’t be alarmed if your bowl suddenly changes shape, the normal shape will come back.

11.  Very gently peel out the deflated balloon and reshape your bowl.

12.  Your finished bowl will be fragile; it is for looking at rather than for keeping heavy things in but you could try putting some very light nature finds in it like pine-cones. Put it on a windowsill where it can catch the light or in the centre of your table for everyone to see!

Its also National Toilet Day today! As you know our toilets in the hut are all "twinned" with other toilets around the world.  Let us know if you can think of some fun toilet related activities this week.

It's Anti Bullying Week:

Here is the link to a video to make you think about what it is to be kind.

Its also Road Safety Week:

We've attached an activity sheet and some colouring sheets for you to work through if you wish.  There is also a video with a song to make you smile when you cross the road.

icon slow_traffic icon kids_eye_view_Poster icon Road Safety Quiz

Have a great week Cubs.  Keep washing your hands, remember your Cub Scout Law "A Cub Scout thinks of others before themselves and does a good turn every day" and Promise  "I promise that I will do my best, do do my duty to my God, and the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Cub Scout Law"

We will send you more activities and ideas next week

Yours in Scouting

The Cub Leaders

Akela, Ikki, Hawkeye, Nag, Bagheera, Emily, Mr Harrison, Fox and Mr Weghoffer

11th November

Dear Cubs

Here we are again, and we were having such a great time outside too.  What a shame,  but following our motto Be Prepared the leaders have come up with some things for you to do this week ,if you would like to and have time.

It's Remembrance Day today so we have a short Remembrance Quiz you can play with your family.  You will have to look up some of the answers and maybe sometimes there may be more than one answer.  It's to make you think a bit.

icon Remembrance_Day_Quiz

Last week was also Parliament Week.  Our local member of Parliament is  The Right Honourable Caroline Nokes.  She was working up in Parliament last night and she took a few very short videos for us on her phone before she had to go in and vote.  It shows a little bit of the inside of where she works and she has said that when Covid is all over when can go up and visit her there.  A big thank you to her for doing that as we know she is very busy.   Here is the link

If after seeing this you would like to have a bit more of a look around you can book a tour via this link.  There is one tonight starting at 6pm or there are some others in the evening next week.

There is also a video you can watch about how the Government works in this country.  It goes quite fast so you might want to pause it and have a think about what they say.  They also talk about The Monarch - this is another name for the Queen.

Finally there is a colouring book if you would like to do this while you are relaxing.

icon UK-Parliament-Week-Colouring-Book

So have a great week Cubs.  Be good and kind to your family and friends.  Do your best and we will message you next week.

Yours in Scouting

The Cub Leadership Team

Akela, Ikki, Hawkeye, Nag, Bagheera, Mr Harrison, Emily, Mr Weghofer and Fox.


(The socially distanced one!)


icon 14th Covid Code and Code of Conduct v sept20 14th Andover Scout Group Covid Code of Conduct

icon 14th Andover Cubs back to scouting RA Covid-19 restarting face to face Scouting risk assessment

icon cub letter 1 getting back to scouting 13.9.20 Cub letter 1 getting back to scouting  13.9.20




30th Sept

Fire Lighting

Wild Cherries, Individual Fire pits made from disposable baking trays

7th Oct


Tygwyn Wellbeing

14th Oct

Knife Skills night

Need whittling sticks.  Small groups Coops, David, Neil, Jim, Mark


Following events to be confirmed

Should conditions not be suitable for certain activities this programme may change at short notice.


Please drop off and pick up the cubs OUTSIDE the hut. 6.45 – 8.15pm

If any member of your family is unwell PLEASE do not attend cubs.

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