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Hawkeye In Japan

Hawkeye (Coops) In Nagoya, Japan

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First update from Hawkeye!!

Japanese people are brilliant; Hotel laundry service & hotel staff are brilliant; frankly, hotel living - not so much! I shall be moving into my house this Friday - an event I am looking forward to almost as much as my sea freight arriving! I don't know if you are aware, but my non-scouting clothes are a tad eclectic. So far I have been asked if I am a famous actor, related to the royal family, or even, "Are you Great Britain?" Genius.

Japan is the craziest language to try to learn. I fear I may never be proficient in anything but the basics. I'm having informal lessons and soaking as much as I can from the translators (they do documents) and the interpreters (they do the meetings). I also sit with Japanese colleagues that wish to improve their spoken English on Thursday lunchtimes. That is quite good fun. I'm slowly converting them from American to proper English. "Chap" does not seem to translate though! :-)

I've made no progress with finding a Japanese Scout group - a few people are asking relatives for me, but nothing so far. Once I've moved, I shall make a more concerted effort. The real challenge is there is not an employees notice board in the place!

If you think Icky (David) works hard; my boss (Suzuki-san) starts before 08:00 & leaves at 22:00 every day for at least six days a week. I have no reason to doubt him when he says he will frequently work on Sundays too. Absolutely bonkers!


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