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Covid 19 - Stockbridge Scouts Message


Summer Term Message & Survey Request


Dear Beavers, Cubs, Scouts & parents

We hope you have had a restful Easter and although under lockdown are safe and well.

The Group Exec and leaders have been monitoring the closure of both the Group meetings and use of the Hall by Hirers and feel you should be updated on what we is happening during this strange time. We realise that many of you are going through a financially hard time, and may have uncertainty for you and your family; whilst for others working as keyworkers or supporting staff another email is really unwelcome. We will keep to the point.

We are sending out a survey to canvass your opinions on how best to manage the Groups finances, the facts are:-

  • we have no hirers and so no income for the running of the Hall (Hirers are enduring hardship as they have no income too and so we are not asking for retainers)
  • We have reassessed all utilities for the Hall and reduced all bills as far as we can - no heating
  • We have sufficient funds to keep the Hall running for 7 months with no hirers, From that point onwards we would need to dip into the Groups running costs. We will also have no emergency money for repairs.
  • We have to pay the current years Scout insurance for the children Jan 2021 - currently ~£3,000, paid from your Subs contribution
  • Meeting format online/ provision needs to be reviewed should Scout meetings not recommence by the end of April 2020.
  • We hare sending out a survey to enable us to
    • project our finances based on Subs received.
    • decide on Beaver, Cub, Scout meeting format

As you are aware from previous AGM's the Hall finances and Scout finances are usually kept separate. we would like to it this way but it may not be possible. We are acutely aware that you paid for meetings last term that we could not deliver, and we are unaware of when normal meetings will resume.

Please see the link to our anonymous survey below.  This will allow us to work out how to project our finances for the immediate future, and decide on how best to deliver meetings/ if at all, for the coming term. We do realise that times are hard, but for the survival of the Group if at all possible, we would appreciate if you are able to still continue paying the full amount of subs, however either a reduced amount or even a donation would be extremely helpful.


Please find the link for an anonymous survey we are conducting.  Your opinions will help us make decisions about which way we manage the sections and hall over the next few months.

Please also see the Scouts COVID-19 message


Finally, please consider our donations page,

14th Andover (Stockbridge) ways to donate

Thank you for your understanding and continued support

The 14th Executive Committee & Leadership team

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