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2021 Cubs Spring Program

14th Andover (Stockbridge) Cubs Programme Spring 2021

24th February

Dear Cubs

We hope you have had a great half term and managed to get out in the fresh air to see the countryside starting to wake up.  Akela has spotted yellow brimstone butterflies and frogspawn already this morning.

It was lovely to see some of you at our trial zoom meeting at the last meeting before half term.  This coming half term we will do a mixture of zoom meetings (which will always have a visitor) and challenges.

For our first week back, we will be,  by the magic of the internet at ..........A DONKEY SANCTUARY.

We will get a chance to meet all the donkeys as well as all the other animals they look after.  You will have a chance to ask lots of questions, if you would like or if you prefer you can just look at all the animals as we go around the stables.  We will also been choosing which animal the pack would like to adopt.  This meeting will go towards both your Animal Carers Badge and the Our World Challenge.

The Zoom details have been emailed:

Mo Collins /  Akela  is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Cub Donkey Sanctuary Meeting


27th January

Dear Cubs

welcome to week 3 of our challenges.  We hope you are well and keeping yourself busy.  Wasn't it fun having snow over the weekend.  Did any of you make snow men / ladies/ animals?  If so we would love to see the pictures and maybe put them on our website if your parents are happy for that to happen.

We have a new set of ideas and things for you to do this week.

Great Garden Bird Watch:

Between the 29th and the 31st Jan is the Great Garden Bird Watch.  You need to put aside an hour to count the birds that visit your garden and identify them.  We have attached the forms and an ID chart.  It might help to have a bird book close to hand too. (Our World Challenge) (Naturalist Badge)

Here is the webpage with the instructions

icon big garden bird watch id poster

icon great garden birdwatch submission poster.pdf

Even if you dont have many birds visit your garden, it's important to know that too.

National Chocolate Cake Day:

Today is national chocolate cake day so we are sending you the recipe for a chocolate cake you can make in a mug in just a few minutes.  A few things to think about.  Ask an adult to make sure your mug can go in the microwave (not all can), use a big mug,  don't dive in and eat your cake straight away, they can be VERY hot, so let them cool down for a while.  Don't forget to WASH UP when you have finished.  That is the most important thing.

icon Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake instructions

We would love to see all your pictures  (Skills Challenge) and find out if the cakes were really yummy.

Catkin Identification:

If you look in the hedgerows around you at this time of year you can see what are called Catkins.  They are the flowers of some types of trees.  They are all different.  On your walks this week see if you can spot any and take some photographs with a camera or phone then see if you can work out what they are:   Here is a link that might help you identify them  (Naturalist Badge)

Nature Bingo:

Finally just for fun we have included a nature bingo card to play with your family when you go outside.  See if you can be the first to find all these things.

Have fun cubs, Be kind and remember your cub scout promise:

I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to my God , and the Queen, To help other people and to keep the cub scout law

Until next week

Yours in Scouting

Akela, Ikki, Hawkeye, Naag, Bagheera, Emily, Mr Harrison, Mr Weghofer and Fox


20th January

Dear Cubs

Happy Wednesday. We hope you are all keeping well and busy.  Its quite blowy today isn't it.  So we have lots of ideas to keep you busy for the week.

24th January is the International Day of Education:

Its a time to think about all the teachers that you have had in your lives, and what a difference they have made to you.  Maybe you would like to make them a card (part of the artists badge)  to say thank you and tell them why they are a special teacher to you.  Also while you are home schooling think about other children around the world who are also home schooling because of Covid-19.  What must it be like if you live in the countryside in other parts of the world like Uganda, or Nepal or Indonesia?  Many of those children don't have access to telephones or computers,  How hard must it be if you are a child in Mozambique for example there their community is recovering from Cyclone Idai.  In times like this there is a real risk that children miss out on school because their families need to send them to work, to earn money.  As part of your World Challenge you could find out about charities that help children go to school in other parts of the world and how this is working during the lockdown.  Maybe you could come up with some ideas how to fund-raise for them?

Sleep in an unusual place:

Normally we would be starting to plan our spring camp.  Akela and her son have completed the "Frosty Challenge", you can see in the photos , they camped outside last weekend.  Could you sleep somewhere unusual for a night in your house?  Could you make a den and sleep there?  (make sure that you have a breathing space if it all collapses).  If you are thinking of doing the Frosty Challenge like Akela, you must discuss it with your parents first and ONLY do it with an older brother or sister or an adult.  You will need lots of layers as well as sleeping in a hat and gloves and a hot water bottle!.  You need to make sure you have lots of layers underneath you, as well as on top of you, to keep you snug and warm and a torch and key to get back into the house if you need to.  If you send us photos of your den or camp will will mark this off a a virtual Night Away on our records

Winter CampWinter Camp2

Look at the world around you:

When you go outside for you exercise ask if you can borrow a camera or use your parents telephone to take some pictures  (Photography Badge) .  See if you can take 10 pictures of things from an unusual angle or see if you can get 10 photographs of interesting things you see in nature.  The trick often is to look at things really close up  using the camera.  Look on the camera settings on the telephone look for the one that say Pro.  This will let you focus in really closely on things.  Then use the zoom settings.  See if you can fill the whole screen with the picture you are taking .  Look at leaves, berries and seeds.  Look at cobwebs in the frost or the moss.  Lots of things are starting to happen at this time of year.  Already the snow drops are starting to poke their noses up. through the soil.

Be good cubs, remember your cub scouts motto " A cub scout thinks of others before themselves, and does a good turn every day"

Make sure you do your good turns.  Speak to you next week

Yours in Scouting

Akela, Ikki, Hawkeye, Naag, Bagheera, Mr Harrison, Emily, Mr Weghofer and Fox


13th January

Hello Cubs and welcome to our new recruits.  Happy New Year

It is so sad that yet again we can't see each other face to face for a while, but we have lots of ideas to keep you busy.  Remember you don't have to do all of these things (or indeed any), but if you can send us pictures or emails we can mark what you have done off , which can go towards your badges when we all finally get back to normal.

This term we thought as well as setting you a weekly challenge we would also set you a termly challenge.  This termly challenge is a big challenge which will involve probably your whole family , but certainly towards the end you will need an adult.

Termly Challenge: Make a survival blanket out of old crisp packets.

Here is a link to a video about this challenge.  You could probably find many more on Youtube to watch, but this will give you the basic idea.

Crisp packets are made of a type of foil material which is useful for keeping you warm by reflecting the heat back towards who ever is sleeping on the material while keeping the cold out.  You could use your blanket to sleep on when we do our next camps , or maybe you could donate it to a homeless centre.

the first thing you need to do is collect LOTS of crisp packets , and then give them a really good wash!.  You will need about 100.  This is why this is a termly challenge.

Badge Challenge: Book Readers Badge

you need to read at least 6 books and be able to tell either your parents or us about them

You might also be inspired to write a short story (Part of your skills challenge)

The author Keiron Larwood is a friend of our cub pack .  He writes the Podkin One Ear Series and the Uki Series.  If you like adventure and fantasy stories he might be a good author for you to read.  He always draws a map at the beginning of each of his books and here is a short video about how he draws his maps to inspire his story.   Maybe you could draw a map in the same style as Keiron.

Outside Challenge: Ice Fun

Ice sculptures are great fun to make now the weather is frosty and cold at night.  They are really easy and look very pretty.

Ice PendantIce Bowl

All you need is a shallow dish and a piece of string.

Fill the shallow dish with water.  Make a loop out of the string and rest it in the water with the loop bit hanging out.  The loop will be where you hang your sculpture.  Remember ice can be very heavy so make sure the string you use is strong enough and the loop is big enough to hang over what ever you are going to hang it on.

Put some different leaves or berries in the water and then wait for the magic to happen over night.  Once the water has frozen, ease the ice out of the container and hang it on a tree or somewhere you can see it look pretty while it melts.

Pendants are great, but the Ice Bowl is our favourite.

You will need:

A balloon (water balloons are best as normal balloon’s don’t stretch as much)
Some water
Fill the balloon with water and leave out to freeze.

The contents of the frozen balloons
Once the balloon is firmly frozen, peel off the balloon. You should be left with a round shape that’s mainly hollow inside.

place a tealight inside ( you might have a battery one which wont melt the ice so quickly).

You could experiment with different food colourings in the water if you have them.

We would love to see any pictures of any that you make.

Be good cubs and be kind.  We will send out some more challenges next week

Yours in Scouting

Akela, Ikki, Hawkeye, Naag, Bagheera, Emily, Mr Harrison, Mr Weghofer and Fox

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