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2021 Beavers Spring Program

14th Andover (Stockbridge) Beavers Spring Programme 2021

Welcome to a slightly unusual term for Beavers.

The Beaver Team will be sending ideas and challenges for you either every week or every other week (depending on what they are).  You do not have to do any of them. They are only there if you would like to do them and you have time. We know it is a hard time for all of your family, and everyone can be very busy and tired.

If you do make or try anything please do ask someone to take a photograph and send it to us.  We would love to see your efforts.

Thank you Beavers . At times like this its important to remember your Beaver promise.


3rd March

Dear Beavers

Attached is this weeks challenge for your First Aid

Please watch the video - in chunks (NOT CPR) and try to answer the questionnaire attached too

You can practise your bandaging skills on your teddy bear or doll, but remember not to make it too tight - or too loose !

You can do as much as you wish, and we will recap the badge when we meet after Lockdown ( after Easter) hopefully.

icon First Aid Work sheet Stage 1Green box 2021

icon Emergency Aid Lockdown Spring Week 4

Be good and kind to your parents you will need their help.



27th January

Dear Beavers

It was lovely to see some of you last week for our Zoom meeting and to meet Rowan.

This week we are doing emeeting challenges and combining these with the first weeks challenge of learn your home address and phone number .

I have also attached the sheets for the Big Bird watch and the link for you send the results off to when you've done. If you don't want to send it off its a good way for you to go outside in your garden and watch the birds landing and recognising them - pigeons count too  .

icon Beaver Bird watch 2021 Bgbw21_how-to-guide

icon Beavers Bird watch 2021 Online-participation-form_english

icon Beavers week 2 _4 Bird watch 2021

Parents   - they may need some help from you, when learning the sequence for an emergency phone call and they must not press it for real -except in an emergency.

Why are we doing this

A Cub saved a babies life :

  • Mum came out of her house crying that her baby was not breathing -
  • The Cub rang 999
  • The operator told the Cub how to help the baby
  • The Cub told the worried adults what to do and the adults saved the babies life

The Cub knew how to ring for help- when the adults didn't know what to do. The Cub stayed calm and listened to the operator  - the operator told the Cub exactly how to save the babies life. Because the Cub stayed calm, remembered how to make the 999 call & did etxactly as she was asked, they managed to keep the baby alive until the ambulance arrived.      The baby is alive today thanks to the Cub.

icon Beavers Spring term 2021 Week 3 27012021

Have fun and do as much as you are able to.

Be kind to your parents and help them , as you will need their help.



20th January

Dear Beavers, this is a Zoom meeting, you will have had an invite.

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